A specialised Vitality Design toolkit.

Our team have been fine-tuned in years of experience across categories and industries. Our projects typically involve diagnostic-, strategy & concept development- and validation steps, all starting with a clear challenge and using our own tried-and-tested methodologies.


Experts in co-creation.

One of the most critical factors for successful co-creation is selecting the right collaborators. We set up a separate, dedicated, team to conceive, curate and connect the very best possible groups of experts. Meet our Expert Connectors, on a mission every day to find the rare breed of 1%-er experts that can help us crack the challenge.

What we offer

Clarity and Product Design Concepts for growth
We help companies to find the next new product and create impact. Our projects start with a tough strategic challenge. We create deep insight into the challenge, immerse ourselves into the topic and bring clarity to the challenge. Using co-creation in our approach, we translate this into actionable concepts for growth.

Product Transformation
We design new product development processes and experiences that improve your products. The way we approach challenges and work is contagious and inspires others to create different interactions, processes and insights. We help you get there.

What we do


New Product Development

Product Identity
Product Design
Industrial Design
Packaging Design
Mechanical Engineering
Production Quality Control
Retail Experience

your-trash-can program

Participate in Ocean Cleanup Event
Provide Sustainable Design Internships
Collaborate  with NGO