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Launched in January 2014 with the mission to lead and inspire business brands beyond traditional boundaries, dialogues, and initiate new ideas. HUEMON is a global full service product design agency.

We are dedicated to the betterment of brand, product & lifestyle design. Believing in the social balance between the coexistent of Human and Environment. We offer vitality through product design solutions across multiple lifestyle industries, such as sports fashion, luxurious accessories and personal mobility products.

HUEMON is a design agency for :

New Product Design and Engineering

張詠竣 EDDIE CHANG | Founder & Director - HUEMON Co., Ltd

2018 Winner of Taiwan Best 100 Gift Packaging

2015-6 Received Unilever Sustainable Living Plan Funding

2014 Huemon selected in Taipei Cospace Startup Program

2013 30 Magazine Manager Exclusive Interview (Nov Issue)

2013 Advisor for Taipei City Council Sanitorial Facility Improvement Act

2012 Advisor for the Taiwan Green Trade Project

2012 CES Innovation Design and Engineering Awards ReWine

2011 Newsweek Most Innovative Green Design (Oct Issue)

2008 Taiwan Good Design Award Monster Bag