D系列 輕型展架系統


Based on the Cradle-to-Cradle industrial cycle to circular economy, D-series lightweight display system is made of the single plastic to make it 100% recyclable. Compared to paper, the betterment of D-series are not only assembling friendly but also easily to maintain in order to reach four times longer lifespan than the paper display. On the other hand, to fulfill the needs of commercial customization, D-series is designed for adaptability and upgradability such as add-on poster frame and customized table top. The business model also provides the leasing program to achieve a long-term re-useable product for achieving the circular economy.

Creative-Display 組裝方式多變化


Space-Saving & Lightweight Shipping 運送極度輕便


Customization 客製化的品牌空間


Easy-Repair & Great Durability 維修好容易


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