Our client is in the process of overhauling their private label lubricant brand "FK" in Taiwan. 
The product has been sold and distributed nationwide for several years already and now needs to be updated to meet and exceed current market trends and specific performance levels which are Efficiency (Fuel Economy) and Environmental Conservation (Reduction is harmful emissions).

FK's previous packaging is starting to show signs of the times. The company would like to push forward with updating the current packaging to reflect the overhauled specifications.

FK Lube草圖.jpg

HUEMON's mission is to provide strong intangible qualities on the actual product defined as "Boldness, Aggressiveness & Performance."
Through different stages of proved concept development, the new FK bottle is able to contain an directional but recognizable shape to stand out from the competitors by the detailed streamline and the modern finish and to represent the youth of the market growth.