Project Type: Display Design
Client: 尚格酒業 Shackleton blended malt whisky
Location: Taiwan
Product Substrate / Materials: Acrylic, PETG
Manufacture Process: Press Molding, Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, Screen Printing

Shackleton 夏克頓冰封麥芽威士忌擁有一個傳奇故事,尚格需要一個能夠將南極冒險故事被亮眼溝通的展示產品,讓台灣人能夠認識這款國際大師 Richard Paterson調製的威士忌。
— 尚格酒業

冰封展示系列 | Frozen
Shackleton爵士在一百年前挑戰南極登峰的傳奇故事,雖然沒有成功卻因為將所有船員安全帶回家而成為佳話,百年之後爵士在南極留下被冰封的威士忌重見天日驚動酒界,讓投保超過8,000萬台幣的神之鼻Richard Paterson親自調製這款夏克頓南極冰封麥芽威士忌。HUEMON團隊被賦予重要的任務,希望能在台灣通路上大膽展現出此款酒背後的故事,這就是 - 冰封展示系列的設計來源,我們將酒瓶大膽的封存在一塊南極冰山上,展示出此酒款中擁有的『找尋未知的勇氣。』

Sir Ernest Shackleton is known as much for his camaraderie and leadership as he is for his adventurous spirit. Hundred year ago, he challenged to become the first man to set off traversing Antarctica for the first time. Although the mission was failed, he returned all of his men safely home. After a hundred year, Shackleton’s whiskey cases was discovered frozen in the ice, world renowned Master Blender, Richard Paterson, carried out painstaking analysis to re-create this antique whisky, and used this as the foundation to create Shackleton – a modern Blended Malt with ice in its DNA.

HUEMON was assigned to develop a display which has to spread the story to Taiwanese Market. FROZEN is proudly designed to showcase the courage from the original story by sealing the bottle physically on the top of Antarctic iceberg. We believe people will bring their own adventurous spirit out after encountering Shackleton and enjoying this wonderful creation.

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